Is Lady Gaga losing her hair?


Recent papped photos would suggest that pop diva Lady Gaga could be suffering from some sort of hair loss.

But that is not surprising when one considers the very arduous and hectic work schedule, which needless to say involves a lot of travel, climate changes and differing changing time clocks. The public often see an artiste performing at a venue, enjoy the gig then think that the rock star of whatever has an easy life just performing say for 2 to 3 hours maybe every two to three days while on tour. But the reality is far removed from the bewildering imagination of a fan and/or fans that have simply bought a ticket and ambled on to the gig and then gone to the local bar or clubs after, for a couple of stiff ones or amber nectar, which of course the dead heads will bypass as their preference is to mix a Red Bull with two or more hand banging shots.

Let’s just revisit the rubric – Is Lady Gaga losing her hair? Well all one has to go on is at this time is raft of recently published papped images, and on close scrutiny it appears that Lady Gaga may well be suffering some hair loss.

Here is what may or may not be going on – her makeup team are daily faced with a visual dichotomy the super star has to look good whether on the road or on the performance stage venue. Of course this is necessary in today’s digital age as smartphones and more are everywhere then the traveling support team never know when the paparazzi will turn up cameras in hand night and day. This necessity of looking good at all times means that hair care is a daily care service often involving hair extensions – wigs and/or perms – hair curling and more. This puts the natural hair under stress and tension and can lead to patches and hair tufts being lost amongst all the never ending hairdressing support and beauty services.

It is important to understand we are not hair care experts – stylists and cutters, but 20/20 vision and shows that when zooming in on some of the papped photos one can clearly see that Lady Gaga is indeed experiencing some hair loss. Which looks very much like is a cosmetic enhanced issue wherein the wigs, hair extensions and more have been woven into the natural hair which has then come under stress and the hair follicles near the forehead scalp area have snapped and this has created some random small to minute bald patches abound above the eye line left to right running across the frontal forehead on the face of Lady Gaga.

But again it is necessary to explain that what we have noted may in fact have been a temporary hair loss or indeed a visual errata on the blown up image.

Anyway all that aside let’s move forward with more background profile details on Lady Gaga. Now recognized as one of the few present day genuinely talented superstars. Believe me this girl is not an all time loser like say the odious Justin Bieber and other similar imposters of that ilk. They like to think they are chocolate when in fact they appeal to a mentally challenged minority who worship this excuse of an entertainer.

Which brings us on to an hilarious aside Justin Bieber would improve his looks if he was hit with a star struck hair loss. (that is a opinion and not a fact and as per the laws of freedom of free speech we are all entitled to an opinion). I am amazed how the writer managed to slip in that jewel of sarcasm! It was necessary to define the comments as sarcasm as Mr Justin Bieber is so sensitive that he employs a whole team of lawyers to look out for non-copyright images and disparaging remarks that may be published about the rapidly failing teen wannabe. But hey all the disclaimers are in place and no offense, but anyone believing what they have read herein about Justin Bieber has been spoofed.

Back to the star of the rubric the sensational Lady Gaga if she is by any chance suffering from partial hair loss, all one can say is if that is the case she stills looks damn good. Let’s revisit that comment she looks sensational and what a performer unbelievable, right up there with some of the great divas of all time covering many genres of music like – Diana Ross – Whitney Houston – Barbra Streisand – Gladys Knight – Aretha Franklin – Madonna and only a select few more.

More information about Lady Gaga

Real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, born March 1986. This sassy businesswoman come international singing sensation, is a native New Yorker who also doubles up with a range of other talents like acting, songwriting, leading fashion brand designer and more, including of late getting into the techie side of music arranging and as a record producer.

Blessed with what all divas need is recognition by fellow music peers aplenty Lady Gaga has jammed on gigs with Elton John, Tony Bennett jazzing the way through ‘The Lady is a Tramp’, ironic title for the ground breaking singing legend to team up with Tony Bennett who surely has the smoothest silkiest voiced singer that has ever held a microphone.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta after years of singing in local bars and clubs gained international recognition and stardom by 2008 since when she has sold over 70 million singles and greater than 30 million albums worldwide. The 2008 – 2009 ‘Monster Ball Tour’ was an 18 month marathon that was sold out around the world and at the time the highest grossing world tour ever by a rock and/or music goddess. The overwhelming success of the tour realized hundreds of millions of US dollars in revenue with enabled the diva to embrace a raft of charities with handsome donations, aid products, facilities and the like.


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