Is Charlie Sheen going bald?


Charlie Sheen is one of the actors almost everybody loves. He plays well, he is funny and he has amazing appearance. If we leave aside his personal life we might even think that he is that close to being the perfect man. But is he as perfect as some picture him?

If you take a closer look at more than one of his photos (both older and more recent) you would notice that in almost every single photo his hair looks different. In some of them his hair is just perfect and looks as thick as it is even possible. In other pictures he seems to be going bald at some spots but in most pictures the bald spots are different.

Is Charlie Sheen going bald?

There are many different versions about what is going on with his hair. Some people believe that he has a perfect hair and wherever it looks bad it is just due to a bad haircut or hairstyling. Other people do not agree with that opinion and think that he might be wearing a toupee. This is actually the version that has the most supporters due to the fact that toupees look exactly like his hair, they make the hair look very thick and they cover the spots that have began to get bald. There are also some different opinions. Even surgeons that specialise in hair transplantation believe that he had a hair transplant.

Charlie Sheen is said to be level 3 on a scale called the Norwood Hamilton scale. This is judged by the fact that the middle of his scalp has much thinner hair than it is in the back of his head. There are pictures of Charlie Sheen in which his hair is really short. In those pictures the areas that are getting bald are really clearly marked.

Charlie Sheens receding hairline

Some of the latest research shows that the use of cocaine may lead to losing hair. It is general truth that Charlie Sheen has used such substances quite often which leads to the following question – why does he still have any hair left?

However, it is not at all important whether Charlie Sheen is bald or not. Whether he is wearing a toupee or whether he had a hair transplant. All of this becomes totally irrelevant when we talk about him as an actor and a man. He would forever remain in the hearts of millions of girls that would love both him and the characters he plays no matter what. Most of his fans don’t at all care about his hair, about his lifestyle or about his clothes.


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