How does Tom Cruise maintain that hairline?

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What's the secret behind Tom Cruise's hairline?

What's the secret behind Tom Cruise's hairline?Tom Cruise is in the news again and this time it’s all about his hair. Is he losing it or not? Has he had surgery? Is he undergoing other hair loss treatment? Whatever the facts Tom has still got a remarkable head of hair for a man in his 56th year.

The National Enquirer alleges Cruise is having work done

The National Enquirer goes as far as accusing the star of maintaining his hair line through a series of well executed transplants, quoting one doctor who it should be noted hasn’t actually treated Cruise, “It appears Tom’s been getting transplants along his hairline for quite a while. I see clear signs that his hairline has been peppered with hair grafts every couple of years.”

Other sources suggest that Cruise has a regular massage and is taking Rogaine in a bid to stem any hair loss. Actually, there is scant, if any evidence to support this or another claim that he is undergoing Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). On this occasion, a Cruise representative did actually refute the assertion, describing it as ludicrous.

Maybe Cruise is just lucky

We must conclude that without any real evidence to support the fact Cruise is losing his hair or undergoing procedures to stop it that the stories are just that, stories. It’s quite possible that Cruise is just lucky and one of the men who hold on to their hair until old age.

Of course, if you aren’t blessed with Cruise genes and you are starting to go bald then there are some great treatments available now which can help. Transplants have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years with improvements in the technology and techniques used.

Alternatively, you could opt for the increasingly popular Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) where organic pigments are used to create an illusion of real hair, great for a buzz look or for creating the illusion of volume where the hair is thinning.


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