How could Harry tackle his bald patch?

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prince harry

prince harry Recently after publicly announcing his engagement with Meghan Markle, many royal fans have also noticed that Prince Harry’s hair is also thinning. Royal fans will also be aware that the genetic condition of male pattern baldness appears to run in the royal family, with Prince Charles (Harry’s father) and Prince William (Harry’s brother) also balding at their crowns.

Prince Harry is just thirty three years old; however some men can end up developing male pattern baldness from as young as twenty years old. A hair loss expert spoke about Harry’s hair and pointed out that there has been a significant deterioration within the last two years, which has led to development of an appreciable bald spot around his crown. His hairline also appears to be receding.

Hair Loss Treatments

For Harry to successfully tackle his bald patch, he would need to take action now before he goes as bald as Prince William. Hair loss treatments can include medications such as Minoxidil and Finasteride which work by slowing down hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth. Both treatments are not available on the NHS and need to be continued on a daily basis permanently so that the results are sustainable, not that Harry would rely on the NHS. They can also be used alongside each other for optimal results.

Other therapies include platelet rich plasma injections, which use high concentrations of growth factors that can help to improve hair growth. A hair transplant is also an option however experts suggest that they only be done once the hair loss has stabilised.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a cosmetic procedure in which pigment is deposited onto the scalp so that it replicates the look of a freshly shaved head. This increasingly popular procedure is quick, permanent and requires no maintenance unlike any of the other hair loss treatments.  It would help to give the impression of volume as well whilst he’s still going throught the thinning phase.

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