Fire, Fury and Finasteride

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fire fury finasterideAn excerpt from the book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump House by Michael Wolff suggested that Ivanka Trump was proud of her family name and treated her father with a light attitude, even with some irony as she made fun of his comb over. Talking about Trumps interesting hairstyle, Ivanka alleged that the golden hue of her father’s hair is due to him being impatient with his hair dye. Washing hair dye out too quickly means that the colour doesn’t darken enough and leaves behind a golden-orange shade, the hair shade that Donald Trump has recently become particularly notorious for.

However the book does not give any mention to how Trump uses the hair loss drug Finasteride. This drug has been sold since 1997 and is the first and only oral medication which has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of male pattern baldness.

Side Effects Of Finasteride

The drug works by decreasing the amount of testosterone which is converted to dihydrotestosterone, this in turn can prevent hair from falling. Unfortunately, hormone altering drugs always come with numerous potential side effects which can include;

  • Any new hair growth can fall out if the drug is discontinued.
  • Finasteride works in preserving a re-growing hair
  • The medicine was initially created to treat enlarged prostates, which is why the pills which are used for hair growth come in low doses
  • High doses of Finasteride can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer
  • Almost four percent of men end up losing their libido or becoming impotent
  • Even after stopping the medication, patients may not recover their libido for some time
  • Negative side effects are rare, however patients are advised to pay close attention to their body’s response and consult a doctor if they notice any changes.

There are other hair loss solutions available, one of them include Minoxidil. This is a drug which is applied topically to the scalp on a daily basis and can prevent hair loss and promote some hair regrowth.

For more information on Finasteride and other hair loss solutions, speak to your doctor or call us for a free and confidential consulation on  +44(0)845 604 4618


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