Elton John hair transplant photos


As one of the most recognisable celebrities in the world, when the news broke of the Elton John hair transplant, it sparked a media frenzy. To be fair though, not many people were that suprised.

elton john hair transplantWhy? Because as a global style icon and a generally flamboyant character, Elton John was always going to be a likely candidate.

As his early photo shows, Elton John lost a huge proportion of his natural hair, and he certainly had the funding in place to pay for the necessary surgery to rectify it.

1The Elton John hair transplant procedure is widely regarded as one of the most successful celebrity hair transplants ever.

Of particular note is his frontal hairline. In contrast to the “pluggy” look associated with botched hair transplants, Elton John’s procedure has created an incredibly natural appearance that is hard to distinguish from an entirely “normal” hairline.

Although here at HIS we’re not the biggest fans of hair transplant surgery in general, we have to admit that Elton got exactly the result that most candidates for surgery would strive for.


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