The Duncan Bannatyne hair transplant story


The Duncan Bannatyne hair transplant rumours gathered pace as his popularity grew. It is understandable really. Not only has Dragon’s Den tycoon Bannatyne’s mop got darker in recent years, but his hairline has also moved forward, therefore ruling natural causes well and truly out of the equation.

duncan bannatyne hair transplant

The gym chain owner has admitted having a transplant, in which a piece of skin is taken from the back of the scalp, cut into 1mm pieces and placed in balding areas. Apparently it’s not as painful as it sounds and he’s delighted with the results.

Clearly Duncans appearance has become more important to him in recent years. From humble beginnings as an Ice Cream Man, then a retirement home owner and finally the owner of Bannatyne Fitness, Duncan Bannatyne is now a household name. Perhaps Duncan Bannatynes hair transplant surgery was intended to help preserve his new found fame.

Duncan Bannatyne underwent his hair transplant at the Farjo clinic on Harley Street, a destination for several celebrities. For example, see our Kyran Bracken hair transplant post.


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