DJ Munro Gets The HIS Hair Experience

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DJ Munro, DJ (naturally)/songwriter/producer. A man, very much in the public eye, rewarded for taking the leap by getting his SMP from Ranbir.


DJ Munro – A Man At Work

dj munro1

For the last twenty years DJ Munro has travelled the world with his music. Whether he is on stage supporting some of the biggest names in the industry, or DJ’ing at their after-parties… or even penning the occasional tune for the likes of Fatman Scoop, this is one busy individual. So getting him to sit down for some extended periods so Ranbir Rai-Watson, the original inventor of SMP, could give him his treatment was no mean feat. These days DJ Munro is a name familiar to his tens of thousands of online followers, a quick trip to his Facebook page (click here) will show him still immersed in the celebrity lifestyle and very much in the public eye, as such his appearance is important to him. In our professional opinion it is an appearance much improved by Ranbir’s outstanding work.

Before and After

There is no shortage of before pictures. Type DJ Munro into Google Images and you will get plenty… as well as a glimpse into what it has been to live the life of a superstar DJ these last twenty years. Hanging out in amazing spaces with famous faces. You might be surprised that he is not smiling more often, maybe that will change with the emotional uplift that comes with Scalp Micropigmentation done well. Given the huge selection we opted for one where he is not, for once, with a legendary figure from the music industry, David Haye. Mr. Haye, former boxing world champion, certainly presents a stark contrast in regards to hair.

dj munrohaye

As you can see from the picture below the results were as you might expect, perfection. Not the same amount of choice when it came to after pictures so we are lucky that one of them was DJ Munro sat alongside the beautiful and ridiculously talented Beverley Knight.

dj munroknight

We also thought you would appreciate this outdoors shot taken with J S Gill from JLS (remember them!). We draw your attention to the effect of the sunlight on the head of the lad to DJ’s right, with his natural head of buzz cut hair… pretty much identical to the bleaching effect on the SMP.

dj munrogill

HIS Hair Clinic

We are delighted that when he decided Scalp Micropigmentation was the solution for him, DJ Munro found his way to our doors. Better yet that he got treated by Ranbir herself. The results are just how we would want the world to see Scalp Micropigmentation… and DJ Munro will certainly allow a lot of new people to see an SMP – whether or not they realise it is very doubtful of course.

If you would like to discuss your personal hair loss situation with one of our friendly team of experts at a free consultation simply complete the contact form at the side of the page. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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