David Beckham reveals true extent of his hair loss


So, today is a sad day, lest we forget… David Beckham really is losing his hair

Although at 38 he’s had a pretty good innings to keep it so thick and healthy looking for this long, considering the amount of changing hair styles he’s had. He’s had almost as many as Imelda Marcos had pairs of shoes (ok maybe not quite so many). His professional football career has spanned 20 years with him hanging up those famous golden boots earlier this year, and with that and the extensive list of endorsements, advertisements and businesses he runs both single handed and with his lovely wife Victoria, we can’t help but wish we were a few bob behind him with the couple estimated to be worth a cool £125 million to date.

David’s luscious locks have had about as much press as his famous right foot which, at one point being insured for £70 million is no mean feat. We’ve seen him turn mohawks into a must have, and curtains into couture, so let’s celebrate with a photo of his famous locks and commiserate with the bald truth that has befallen our star.

So once we’ve shed the black clothing and dared to come out of mourning for the loss we face as a nation, what next for the footballing legends famous tresses? What options can he now turn to?

Some are already speculating that he will following in the footsteps of his once team mate from both England and Manchester United Wayne Rooney and go down the hair transplant route. Or is that just too obvious for the smooth operator? Perhaps he’ll start with concealers? Although we know he probably takes just as long as his wife in the getting ready stakes, would it be a step too far and knock some of the self assured confidence that Beckham is notable for. But where would we be without the cool, calm and collected Beckham we know and love, the Beckham that is more ambassador than ex-sportsman? Perhaps concealers not such a good idea for this guy.

Methylsulfonyl methane is always another option, although it cannot reverse what’s already started, it is known to speed up hair growth, so perhaps start to cover some of the thinner patches we can see in the photo below.

Although we do know that Beckham has rocked the close shaved look before, perhaps before too long HIS can include Beckham in our ever-growing list of clients both celebrity and non-celebrity. We wait with bated breath for his call.

Whatever he chooses, we wait on the next creation the British public and indeed the Worlds people will be clambering to get their hands on down the local barbers and hairdressers, one thing’s for certain, whatever he chooses, he’ll make it look damn cool.


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