Crowning Glory – Prince William Sports Dark Bushy Hair


prince william hair loss

Prince William has appeared on the cover of a celebrity magazine with what seems to be an unusually dark and full head of hair.

After recent shots during his visit to Australia exposed the heir to the throne’s thinning locks, the new picture has led to speculation that he has turned to hair dye to combat his changing looks.

It is not clear whether the dark hair sported by the Prince was down to a little cosmetic help, lighting or computer trickery, but in several of the other photos published in Hello! magazine, the Prince’s traditional dark blonde locks are back on display.

It is fairly common knowledge that advances in computer technology have been utilised to their fullest extent over the years to improve the image of celebrities appearing on magazine covers. From breast enhancement to artificial slimming effects, airbrushing of skin blemishes to the enhancement of eye colour, the use of so-called ‘Photoshop’ techniques have become commonplace, in a bid to appease image-conscious celebs and improve magazine copy sales. Despite the obvious benefits many individuals, both cover models and readers, have objected to the practice on ethical grounds, as covered on Due to the extensive use of these techniques, we’ll probably never know for sure if Wills locks were actually dyed, or whether the image was manipulated post-photoshoot.

The photos were taken by former drug addict Jeff Hubbard, who has become the first member of the public to take an official portrait of Prince William. Mr Hubbard was homeless until recently, and was astonished to be asked to work with the Prince to raise funds for the charity Crisis.

prince william hair loss

“I didn’t sleep at all the night before and felt very worried about the immensity of the task,” he said. “When Prince William arrived, I sensed he was a little nervous too. I showed him the camera we were going to use and once the shoot started we chatted away. I completely forgot who he was. He is a very nice guy and incredibly natural and that put me at my ease.”

The Prince is a keen supporter of homelessness charities and spent a night sleeping rough last year to raise funds for Centrepoint. Under the guidance of world-renowned photographer Rankin, he took a portrait of Mr Hubbard and both sets of pictures are published side by side in Hello!

“The diptych is a reminder of the way in which all of us – whatever path our lives have taken – are ultimately neighbours and share a common bond,” the Prince said. “Jeff’s experience of homelessness was an isolating and traumatic one, but now with the help of Crisis, his life has hope and purpose again.”

A double portrait signed by both men will be displayed at Somerset House in London from March 10th 2010 as part of the exhibition ‘A Positive View’ before being auctioned to raise funds for Crisis.

The money from the sale of the photos to Hello! will also go to the charity.


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