Celebrity hairstylist Adee Phelan recommends scalp micropigmentation


Many people know how to style their own hair. It can be achieved with the use of imagination and some store bought products. There are little though who can visualise new styles with such creativity that people would like to emulate it. A select few even receive awards for such ingenuity. This kind of recognition is reserved for those who truly have an acute sense of the industry. Perhaps one of the best examples of those who embody this type of appreciation for hairdressing is none other than Adee Phelan.
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He started his career in 1999 when he set up shop in Essex. Phelan tirelessly honed his skills until the very next year when he won the British Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Award. It would not be a surprise as to why Adee has been sought after by celebrities ever since. In 2002, he bagged the Image of the Year Award due to the work he created for David Beckham. It was the mohawk or fauxhawk as some would call it, and it took the world by storm. Men from different countries were soon seen to copy this same hairstyle. His successful work fuelled his star to shine brightly and paved the way for the creation of numerous hair salon branches all over the UK.
Adee Phelan now recommends scalp micropigmentation to his balding clients, including those of celebrity status. He himself went through the process after having a hair loss condition of his own. The procedure was such a success that it moved him to participate in the opening of HIS Hair Manchester. It is a testament of how effective this treatment can be. Celebrities and other men having a balding problem now have a trusted name coupled with a pioneering brand to remedy their condition with.
Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent procedure to use for any type of hair loss. It is a fast, safe and proven method which has been constantly refined to improve its application. The benefits of this treatment can be appreciated a few days after the pigments have been layered. It just needs time to allow the scalp to heal and for fading to occur. The end result is a semblance of hair that is almost always mistaken for the real thing. Patients are happy to see their “new” selves, confident that they no longer have to worry about hiding their baldness.
This kind of treatment has a permanent quality to it. The pigments once layered over a particular area cannot simply be wiped off. Scalp micropigmentation may however fade over the years but can easily be remedied through touch-up procedures. A patient might also want to change his hair pattern after a few years or so. Visiting a laser removal clinic can easily remedy their concern by targeting the pigments that he wants to take off. Another visit to the clinic can help create the new design that any patient desires.
Scalp micropigmentation can work with a balding head or with existing hair. The latter case just requires that the hairline remains intact and any hair loss condition is limited to diffuse thinning. A celebrity hairstylist such as Phelan would definitely have some recommendations on how a certain design could be maximised. Scalp micropigmentation after all, takes into consideration the patient’s facial features as well as their skin tone. It does not particularly need to be an exact match. The hair pattern just needs to look as natural as possible. Of course if it can appear better looking than how it would regularly appear then, why not?


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