Brendan Fraser is definitely going bald

Hair loss

It is truly astonishing how time can go by in a blink of an eye. Take Brendan Fraser for example.

Brendan was once one of the very popular performers in the early nineties. His body of work comprises Twenty Bucks, Encino Man, School Ties and Dogfight. Brendan might perhaps be best known for his lead character in The Mummy Trilogy. Numerous movie appearances additionally featured Fraser such as George of the Jungle, Dudley Do-Right and Bedazzled. His performing repertoire seemed to cross the great expanse between slapstick comedy and serious drama. He also does extremely well whenever he lends his talents to bring to life the characters he plays in the fantasy genre. For some reason or another, he hasn’t been recognised as a true A-list actor. His penchant for candor has endeared him to many movie-goers throughout recent years.
Brendan Fraser bald
Acting at age 46, Brendan can still successfully pull off convincing portrayals. It would easy to recall a mental image of him with a full head of hair when his name is mentioned. This is after all, how he’s appeared in most of his films. Fraser these days is currently attempting to slow down the onset of an extremely common condition that may befall any man, whether star or not.
Its symptoms can be manifested by androgenic alopecia among guys around their late twenties to their early thirties. In Brendan Fraser’s case, he seems to have lost a lot of the hair on the top of his scalp due to thinning. There are a couple of stray hairs on his front hairline like close to being shed as well are them, though it seems. What is encouraging is that Fraser still has plenty of hair at the sides and rear of his head.
Fraser might wish to think about having a scalp micropigmentation process. Fraser does not have to shave-away what hair he has left. It might have to be cut shorter to better help the pigments blend in with its surroundings, but ultimately he could keep his hair a little longer than the just-shaved appearance that many men with SMP wear. This may create a totally different look though it could potentially present a unique chance to him to repackage his image, versus what his fans have been accustomed to.
The time is ripe for Brendan Fraser to be given another chance at being a leading man. Fraser still has his full range of acting abilities that have most probably enhanced with expertise along with age. All that is required is he be given the right function to once again be bankable as he consistently had the possibility to be. Who knows? Maybe the following film Fraser appears in would be his biggest yet?


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