A hair transplant for Bradley Cooper?

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Bradley Cooper is an up and coming star in his own right with his role in Hangover making him a well known celeb. In his late 30’s he has a reputation to keep up and his looks go a long way in the show business world. Many have questioned whether or not he has had a hair transplant, he could certainly afford it on the earnings he now makes.

However, before he started on this road there is no doubt he will have tried the remedies that are available without invasive surgery.

Bradley Cooper has a busy life which makes it all the more important for him to take time to look after his body. The hair is often missed yet it is the first thing a lot of people notice especially when you are in show business. To keep his hair healthy Bradley would be wise to take time to massage his scalp with a good shampoo to encourage healthy hair follicles. Having a regular haircut, or trim, is another must as this will remove dead ends and make the hair healthier.

Hair transplants are becoming more popular with movie stars especially amongst men. Unfortunately it is more common for men to start losing their hair earlier than women and this normally starts with a receding hair line at the front. For some this can be hereditary and at some point in their life this will start to happen. Nearly 30% of men in their 30’s start to see some form of hair loss.

Having a hair transplant is not a decision that can be taken lightly. It can be a painful procedure with side effects. Bradley’s own healthy hair would have been used for the transplant. Once the scalp has been anesthetised new hair is planted into the hair follicles. There can be scaring and a danger of infection as well as the scalp being sore and itchy. For Bradley to have had a hair transplant he would need time out of the limelight to rest and ensure his scalp is not open to infection.

Celebrities tend not give any information as to any forms of surgery they may have or have had but by comparing photographs from early in their career there are often tell tale signs. Bradley Cooper is no different. It is almost part of their career as a celeb to keep up appearances, change with the latest trends and stay youthful for as long as they can.

Before resorting to a hair transplant Bradley Cooper would have possibly looked at other methods that are recommended to try. Laser hair therapy is one such method. By increasing the circulation in the scalp with the use of a laser it can encourage hair follicles to strengthen and is an ideal solution for hair thinning. Unfortunately for some men thinning of hair is hereditary and will happen at some stage and this is when hair transplants can address this. It is still a solution that must be thought out carefully.

If medication is being taken then it could be this is the cause of thinning hair and once the medication stops the hair strengthens and starts to grow again. Wigs and toupees were worn regularly by men with receding hair and bald patches and in the past these were very noticeable. Often the wig did not look like real hair and was easily noticeable, certainly not what is wanted by todays stars. They are, however, a lot more realistic today, hardly noticeable and can even be used in the shower or swimming.

Although Bradley Cooper is becoming a famous star he still needs to keep up appearances and ensure that he looks good for his fans. Keeping a full head of hair will be important to him at this stage and whilst the lady stars have been well known for their ‘nips and tucks’, men are now catching up and the hair is one place for them to start.

Image is important and whilst Bradley Cooper is starring in such roles as Hangover he will want to keep his good looks. The fact that there are questions as to whether or not he has had a transplant goes to show how much technology has improved. Although there can still be scarring and infection not to mention the fact it is not always successful, the procedure is continually improving and it is becoming harder to recognise.

Any hair that has been transplanted is likely to last but then other parts of the scalp will start to lose hair so it will be an ongoing process to keep a full head of hair once you start going bald. For Bradley this could be something he will have to face.


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