Tyrell’s Case Study

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P1000222 Ty started to notice that his hair was beginning to thin out on top, but didn’t think anything of it. Like most men, this wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. He, like so many others, just figured that it would gradually begin to thin out and recede slowly. But after a dramatic life event he noticed that the rate at which his hair receded sped up considerably. That life event? Moving in his with girlfriend.

After the move, Ty hit up a local barber to get his regular cut. After a few minutes in the chair, the barber gave it Ty straighter than than line up he was cutting telling Ty, “You know you’re thinning up top.” No punches pulled. Ty tells the story with a laugh explaining that’s when he knew he had to explore his options. “If it would have happened over a longer process, it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but it kind of sped up on me,” says Ty.

After that encounter with the barber, Ty began to ‘bic’ his head, recognizing that the shaved-look was the best look for him and began to follow HIS Hair closely on the internet. Ty spent about a year looking into and reading up on scalp pigmentation and HIS Hair was his first choice for a SMP provider. He monitored the company’s progress, read the testimonials, saw the results and came to the conclusion that if he was going to be shaving his head for the rest of his life anyways, then why not. That realization was what led to the him giving himself the green light on the decision.

Ty before

One thing people always notice about Ty besides his happy-go-lucky nature and his quick wit, is the unique shaped scar on the left side of this scalp. The scar is the reminder of an accident that happened when Ty was a baby. In fact, he was so young that he doesn’t even remember, but only knows the story from what his mother told him. As a baby, while his skull was still soft and developing, Ty fell out of his crib and the fall caused a slight ‘dent’. The injury required surgery to correct the damage, leaving him healthy, but with the scar. Ultimately, Ty decided to keep the scar, rather than have it covered with SMP.

A year later after completing his treatment and Ty couldn’t be happier. He admits that people tend to notice his SMP, but not in the way you would think. More often than not, he gets compliments on his hair cut and asked about where he has it done and how he keeps it looking so good. While he doesn’t give up his secret too easily, but when asked, Ty shares his SMP story. What’s people’s reactions when he tells them about SMP? “I never get any bad reactions.”

In the end, SMP proved to be the right choice for Ty as the procedure was not only the solution to slowing the rapid rate at which was losing his hair, but then gave him that time back. When asked if he’s happy with the decision, Ty says, “ I’m as happy as I can be…I would recommend this to anybody who has male pattern baldness, or receding hairline…I have no regrets about it at all.”

Ty after


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