Edward’s Case Study

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Edward is a Middle Eastern client who has posted his story here in our forum. Below is an excerpt from his main post:

“I’m a 36 year-old male of Middle-Eastern background who used to have a very full and luxurious head of jet black hair and was quite shocked when it rapidly thinned out over the course of 2-3 years in my early twenties, during my time at university. I was so shocked, I thought there might be something wrong with me and consulted a doctor for some check-ups. He told me everything was normal and I was merely suffering from Male Pattern Baldness. Neither my father, nor my grandfathers from either my mom’s or dad’s side suffered from MPB, so this was unexpected. I guess I must’ve drawn the short straw in the gene pool. Thankfully, my hair loss appeared to stabilise all by itself, but gradually my hair started turning grey to eventually yield a “salt and pepper” look. To be honest, that part didn’t bother me, as girlfriends would remark on how it gave me a distinguished look, but being thin on top did bother me and I hated looking ‘shiny on top’ under bright lighting, for example. So I started researching solutions online, like many of you no doubt have done yourselves.”


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