How to prepare for Movember

Beard Transplant
Movember beard transplant

Movember beard transplantIt’s only a week away from Movember.  Will you be joining in the this year and growing your own facial furniture to support the Movember Foundation? The organisation uses the campaign to draw attention and get people talking about Men’s Health and the fact that on average men die 6 years younger than women.  If you are going to get involved then you might want to think about some top tips for preparing to get the perfect look:




  1. Think about investing in a decent travel beard brush. Nothing looks worse than a wild unkempt beard and after a couple of weeks you’ll want to be using that thing daily
  2. Get some beard oil or balms. You might be able to pick this up from your barber but if not you’ll be able to get it online.  It’s not cheap but your partner will love you for it as it should make those facial follicles nice and smooth.  Nobody wants to kiss a brillo pad.
  3. Stock up on shampoo and conditioner because you’re going to need twice as much as you use now when that beard becomes established. Beards and moustaches have a tendency to collect all your favourite food morsels throughout the day.
  4. It’s breaking the rules to start with a beard so to join in properly you need to have a clean shave on the last day of October so you’re ready to take part like everyone else.

Finally, if you just can’t grow any facial hair you could consider the rather extreme approach of a beard transplant.  These are becoming increasingly popular and work in pretty much the same way as a normal hair transplant.  It’s probably a little on the late side for this Movember but it could certainly be ready for the next one if you don’t want to be left out.


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