Using hair systems to combat alopecia


At HIS Hair Clinic we usually maintain that there are better ways of dealing with alopecia than by using hair systems, however in some cases, hair systems really can make a difference

Lauren developed alopecia areata from the age of two, a remarkably young age for anyone to suffer with the condition. Cases this young are extremely rare.

Unfortunately since then, Laurens hair loss has gotten significantly worse, and when she was due to start secondary school, her mum decided that something had to be done.

Lauren agreed to appear on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies programme where she met Dr Pixie. Dr Pixie recommended that she visit Lucas Sojka, a hair system specialist, who rebuilds her head of hair after fitting a purpose-designed mesh called a weft to her scalp using clips and surgical tape. Panels of hair are then sewn into the weft to create Laurens new look.

The change in both Laurens appearance and her confidence are dramatic, as you can see in the video below.

The need for a quick fix solution was paramount due to Lauren starting her new school. We all know how cruel children can be, so we’re really pleased that Lauren was able to address this issue in the way that she did.

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