Using fat to regrow hair

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hair loss treatment

hair loss treatmentAn interesting new procedure for the treatment of hair loss has been discovered in America. The company Kerastem has reported successful results in their phase two hair growth clinical trials and aim to target their treatment method to patients with alopecia.

The Kerastem therapy is a one-time only treatment which uses fat derived regenerative cells; these are combined with purified fat and are delivered to the affected areas of the scalp which are balding. The clinical trials found that their treatment group were achieving a statistically significant increase in hair count when they were compared to the control group – men who were in the early stages of hair loss. All of the participants from the treatment group were safe and had no serious adverse reactions to the treatment.

The results are highly encouraging and the company is seeking distribution relationships around the world so that more alopecia sufferers can benefit from the treatment.

Other hair loss treatment

Although the Kerastem treatment is not yet available in the UK, there are multiple other options available for men and women who are suffering from hair loss. Recently hair transplants have become increasingly popular and the taboo around them is also decreasing as more public personalities are being open about turning to hair transplants. Results can take up to one year to be completely visible, however hair regrowth begins from as little as two months post-procedure.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a cosmetic procedure in which a specialised technique is used to deposit pigments onto the scalp. The result is a completely natural looking appearance of a freshly shaved head. SMP is a much more cost effective and permanent solution to hair loss than hair transplants.

Products such as Minoxidil are also available, Minoxidil has been approved by the FDA and can help stimulate hair regrowth and decrease hair thinning. Finasteride medication can be prescribed by your doctor and has similar effects to Minoxidil. However both drugs need to be used continuously for hair growth results to be sustained, both can be used together at the same time.


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