Solihull family raise alopecia awareness


The mother of a boy with alopecia universalis is on a mission to raise awareness of the condition, even going so far as shaving her head in a fundraising effort.

Daniel Jones, who is now seven, started to lose his hair around two years ago. Doctors believed the hair loss condition was triggered by the stress and emotional upheaval of Daniel’s grandfather passing away and his grandmother having a heart attack. The two incidents occurred within just two months of each other, which must have put a big strain on the Jones family.

Daniel has now come to terms with his distressing condition, and his mother Kellie is on a campaign to raise awareness and support for people like him who have alopecia. Speaking to the local newspaper, the 32-year-old said:

“My son was very close to my dad and is to my mum. He developed a couple of round bald patches at the back of his head so he was referred to a dermatologist who said it was alopecia.

“But while waiting for his next appointment, Daniel’s hair rapidly fell out including his eyebrows and eyelashes. The consultant said he had alopecia universalis and his hair wouldn’t grow back.”

Alopecia universalis is a condition in which the sufferer loses all hair all over the body.

There are a couple of great organisations who aim to help those suffering with alopecia. See and for more information.


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