Photography Collection puts the Spotlight on Alopecia


Daniel Regan decided he wanted to make people more aware of the condition using his photography. His idea was to show doctors the psychological effects of the condition through pictures. His black and white portrait show the different stages people go through, and reflects how that person feels. Shown at a conference holding some of the world’s leading hair specialists he hoped to be able to show a view that is not always seen.

Alopecia is a hair condition that a lot of people are not aware of. It is only recently that people, especially the famous, have started to open up about their hair conditions. It can be anything from a receding hairline to bald patches and a bald head. Many sports persons and film stars are now coming forward with stories of their surgeries. This has been good for other sufferers who have been too embarrassed to talk about it.

Alopecia can have a devastating effect on the sufferer which can cause more stress and so making a vicious circle. Stress is one of the causes of alopecia as is anxiety and illness. It is not known exactly when or how it will start but once it does it is worth seeing a specialist to see if anything could be done to slow it down.

Daniel Regan has managed to highlight a condition that some people do not like to talk about. With pictures it can be clearly seen just what happens when parts of the scalp become bald. It shows it can happen to the young as well as the older whether male or female. The more people open up about this condition the less stigma there will be around the subject.

Alopecia is a condition that for most is not predictable and can happen at any time. There is a genetic reason for some and particularly in men if there father had thinning hair the chances are they will. With advancing technology and medication the treatment is improving especially if a transplant is required.

Following a healthy diet and looking after the hair will help to minimise the hair loss. Hair should be washed at least once a week and more if gels and hair sprays are used as these can block the hair follicles. Massaging the scalp can help revitalise the hair follicles and with an oil such as coconut will give the hair a healthy look.

When the condition is made more aware more people come forward and discuss their experiences. This helps other sufferers to overcome the thought of losing hair. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for them. Just knowing you are not alone is a big help and being able to ask questions from someone who has experienced hair loss can make a big difference.

Daniel Regan, a young photographer has done a great service for alopecia sufferers by highlighting the condition not just to the public but also to specialists who deal with the problem. By seeing how it effects people in black and white, and people of different ages and backgrounds it confirms it is not a condition that can be dealt with on mass. Each individual will have a different reason for suffering and until this is found the best course of action cannot be given.

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