Does laser hair therapy work?


theradome laser hair therapyQuite simply, the answer is yes!

What is right for you?

Is laser hair therapy the right method for you? Are you struggling to keep your luscious locks looking thinker and fuller? Then look no further, laser hair therapy – also known as low light laser therapy – offers a safe, reliable, pain and stress free method to nourish and replenish your hair follicles using low level laser technology.

With such an amazing, incredible piece of technology been offered at a growing number of beauty parlours and clinics, any queries or questions you might have had regarding availability and accessibility are out of the window!

Laser hair therapy offers you a chance to turn back the hands of time with world class technology and outstanding results.

Growing trends in hair and grooming

While hair loss and thinning are widely associated as an aging factor and loss of health, many of us go through brand after brand, trawling through hair shampoos following fashion trends and magazine recommendations in the mere hope of trying to achieve the results of full bodied and thicker hair.

What makes a good hair day a good you day?

According to psychologist and dancer Vivian Diller, our hair is considered as one of the most important first impression and has historically represented wealth and riches. Vivian’s studies touch on distinct connections between our self-esteem and confidence as playing a dominant role in today’s society.

How does laser hair therapy work?

Laser hair therapy is used to rejuvenate, replenish and revitalise our own hair follicles; follicles which have vigorously battled against time and are now approaching defeat.

Low laser lights are directed at the hair which is then absorbed by the existing follicles and cells encouraging and propelling. It is important to know that this therapy does not offer definitive results for dormant follicles.

Other hair loss methods


Ever head of the phrase you are what you eat? Well, it’s true isn’t it? How do we expect to be parading around with full, rich looking glossy hair if we aren’t pumping in enough nutrition or hydration?

Our diet and nutrition are an influential factor enabling smooth functioning of our body. Fish, spinach, eggs and yogurt are all products which can help fight the thinning of hair.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Other methods to combat hair thinning include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and hair grafting. PRP offers a natural method of re-growth by using our own red blood cells and concentrating the substance through a process called centrifugation, thus forming PRP. Once this has been achieved the target area may be injected multiple times through -out 60-90 minute sessions.

Hair Grafting

Hair transplants embarks upon more of a surgical route. This can be done on a smaller scale targeting 2-4 follicles at a time or a whole strip of hair. The hair that is obtained is harvested and replanted into the affected areas of thinning and alopecia.


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