Awesome video – scalp micropigmentation versus alopecia totalis


Hair loss can certainly affect a person’s confidence, and no-one can really prepare for this change in appearance. It could be brought about gradually through male pattern baldness. The hair loss experienced will begin at the hairline and slowly progress inward throughout the years. This is followed by balding in the vertex region as well. It is probably the most common hair loss condition reported constituting about ninety to 90-95% of all known cases. Different types aside from androgenic alopecia can also be experienced.

A man with another kind of balding condition is featured in this video. Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss brought about by auto-immune causes where the body mistakes the hair follicles as a foreign entity and sends out white blood cells to attack it. This causes them to slowly shrink and lose hair sporadically, evidenced by the round patches of skin. Though rare, some cases can progress to total hair loss over the scalp. These are classified as alopecia totalis, making up less than 2% of those who have alopecia areata.
This type of hair loss can strike a blow to anyone’s confidence. It can look very unnatural and are known to randomly appear or disappear upon various locations on the scalp. Wearing a hat might be the easiest way to remedy this condition. Using medication or even hair transplant surgery will surprisingly prove to be ineffective. The unexpected changes in the location of the round bald patches is so erratic that any kind of treatment might be unable to keep up with its pace. A person who has this condition would understandably feel upset with their situation. Unsolicited advice and comments from other people might also agitate their already delicate self-esteem.
Fortunately, scalp micropigmentation is available for this type of hair loss condition. Going online can help provide more information about the procedure as well as the closest HIS Hair Clinic that can render the service. It is truly an amazing innovation that is applicable to anyone that is experiencing balding. This would usually take a couple of hours to complete and about three to four sessions to finish. There is no need to wait for months and months before results may be appreciated.
Scalp micropigmentation is a wonderful solution to hair loss. It can provide an illusion of hair that closely resembles a client’s hair follicles without the need for medication or surgery. He only needs to calmly sit while the technician carefully layers the pigments to create the agreed upon hair pattern. It is a fantastic process that a patient can eagerly look forward to. They might feel some mild discomfort, though seeing the end result would instantly alleviate any pain. It is a life-changing treatment for those who have alopecia areata or any type of alopecia for that matter. A patient would no longer need to worry about their appearance in public. Having hair again would not only restore their confidence, they might also find it easier to smile once more.


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