How much does SMP® cost?

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At HIS Hair you get a Rolls Royce treatment without the Rolls Royce price! You also get the Rolls Royce in practitioners, yes Ian & Ranbir!

The exact cost of any SMP® procedure is as individual as the treatment itself – because everyone is different. So we’ll always assess each client according to their specific needs and the results they’re looking to achieve.

The best way to get an accurate quote for your particular proposed treatment plan is to book a free, no-obligation, one-to-one consultation either in person (face-to-face) or remotely via Zoom, Facebook, WhatsApp.

How much does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

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How much does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Our flexible pricing approach and charging structure depends entirely on the amount, nature, severity and condition of your hair loss, the presence or otherwise of any scarring or skin conditions, and the look you’d like us to help you achieve.

We grade hair loss using the Norwood-Hamilton scale, with treatment usually based on two to three separate sessions. SMP® prices start from as little as £400 per session for a Norwood- Hamilton scale stage 2. Typically, the cost for a Norwood-Hamilton stage 7 is £800 per session and £300 per session for treatment to provide a small hair transplant scar camouflage.

SMP® treatment is significantly cheaper than the majority of other permanent hair loss solutions that are available and is competitively priced. Especially as SMP® doesn’t require any considerable ongoing maintenance or expensive aftercare regimes.

At HIS Hair Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money and, more often than not, exceeding our clients’ expectations.


Stage 1

Full head of hair without any hair loss.

Stage 2

Minor recession at the front of the hairline.

Stage 3

Further loss at the front of the hairline, which is considered “cosmetically significant”.

Stage 4

Progressively more loss along the front hairline and at the crown.

Stage 5

Hair loss extends toward the vertex.

Stage 6

Frontal and vertex balding areas merge into one and increase in size.

Stage 7

The last stage of Male Pattern Baldness, in which all hair is lost along the front hairline and crown.

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